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Testing the Limits

We often forget how much is going on around us until we have to slow down and take a break.  This pastJosh, Dani, and Jackson weekend, my family seemed to have taken a unintended break from action by enjoying a series of cold and flu bugs.  Jackson seemed to be spared the brunt of it but I got hit with a head cold and Dani was incapacitated for over almost two days with the stomach flu.

It was in this time that I realized again, how much we all have going on around us.  Instead of flooding your inbox with things you may or may not have any interest in, I wanted to create this blog post with everything so you can scan and find things you are interested in and are relevant to you and your family.

This post talks about the following items:

  1. An Aults/Parent Seminar on March 17
  2. Schutz Taekwondo Academy Belt Testing
  3. Sauk Centre Taekwondo Academy Belt Testing
  4. Homeschool Martial Arts Belt Testing
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. Area Tournaments

Adult/Parent Seminar – Functional Neurology and The Brain Gym

Dr. Mike Pfeffer – Thursday, March 17 at 7:00 pm

Dr Mike HeadshotDr. Mike Pfeffer is a Chiropractor at HealthSource Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab.  He is an authority in healthy living through Nutrition Response Testing as well as a program called The Brain Gym as a part of Educational Kinesiology.

This Thursday, Dr. Mike will be speaking on a combination of his seminar called “How to Grow Old and Remember it” and “The Brain Gym, Intentional Movement for Optimum Learning.”  This seminar is focused on adults to help you cut through any mental fog you may have, increase your focus, and learn to process and retain information more completely.  He will use body movements to connect your mind and your body together in order to enhance memory, engage better motor pathways and learn more.  Although focused on adults this session, you will be able to take many of these same skills for use in your kids.

As a family; Dani, Jackson, and I use many of the Brain Gym exercises to work through out day so we can help Jackson settle down and focus on reading or homework and I have used some Brain Gym Exercises in our Taekwondo classes.  This will be an excellent way to start revitalizing your own mental focus so you have the ability to help your kids learn and process better.

The cost of this seminar is only $10 and will be an hour long.  If you have ever felt scattered and want to focus more throughout the day.  This is the seminar you want to attend.

Click on the link below to register for the seminar.

Belt Promotion Testing

Schutz Taekwondo Academy – Alexandriaphoenix-3

Grandmaster Kevin and I are shooting for belt promotion testing around the first week of April.  This is a change in our original plan because District 206 is off for Thursday, March 24 and Tuesday, March 29.  This is not the normal amount of time they usually take off so it through me for a lo0p when I saw it on the calendar.

Belt Testing will take place during the normal class times on a regular class night.  There will be a schedule posted in the coming days about when exactly testing will be for your student.  In the meantime, please download the Promotion Test Form and have it ready to go along with Promotion Testing Fees

New TEST FORM 2014

Sauk Centre Taekwondo AcademySCT_Logo_Color_101415

Students in Sauk Centre will have Promotion Testing on Monday, April 4 during our Regular Class times.  Testing forms and testing fees are a little different for Sauk Centre than they are for Alexandria.  Please review the information found on our Sauk Centre Taekwondo Academy page.

Please download the Test Form and return to your instructor by Thursday, March 31.  

  • Every Student NEEDS to have a completed paper Promotion Test Form turned returned to their instructor!

You can also Register and Pay for Promotion Testing using this Online Promotion Testing Registration Form.

Sauk Centre Taekwondo Belt Testing Registration

Homeschool Martial ArtsEnriching HS MA

Our homeschool program will have belt testing on Wednesday, April 20 during our normal class times.

Please download the Test Form and return to your instructor by Wednesday, April 13. 

  • Every Student NEEDS to have a completed paper Promotion Test Form turned returned to their instructor!

You can also Register and Pay for Promotion Testing using this Online Promotion Testing Registration Form.

Homeschool Belt Testing Registration

Upcoming Events

Personal Safety Course – Private Event, April 6 – Sauk Centre

Nerf Night – May 2 in Sauk Centre

  • Bring your own Nerf Blaster, Neft Darts, and safety classes or appropriate face protection for a fun night of Nerf Battles, Pizza, other food, and drinks.
  • Door Prizes and other Games available all night long.
  • Non-Martial Arts Students Welcome to attend.
  • Quantity Discounts for Multiple Attendees
  • Registration Information Soon to Follow

Area Tournaments

April 16 – The Battle, Crosby, Minnesota

April 16 – Brookings Taekwondo

April 30 – 15th Annual Clark Open International Tournament, Clark High School, Clark, South Dakota

May 21 – 6th Annual Regional Taekwondo Tournament, ROCORI High School, Cold Spring, MN

May 21 – 2016 Minnesota Governor’s Cup Taekwondo Championships, Park Center High School, Brooklyn Park, MN


Please address questions to Josh Waltzing, (320) 761-9008 or mrjosh.waltzing@gmail.com

Thank you very much!

10 Tips for More Confidence


10 Tips for Becoming More Confident

Learning to be more confident is the best way to get more out of your everyday life.  You will find more satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy out of life when you learn to be more confident in yourself and your daily interactions.  Here are 10 Tips for helping you become more confident each and every day.

1.  Smile

Your endorphins and body chemistry changes when you smile, you will begin to feel better.

2.  Watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk “Your body language shapes who you are”

3.  Practice the Superwoman Pose

  • Do it for 2 minutes somewhere throughout your day. You will begin to feel more confident.

4.  Watch Julian Treasure’s TED Talk “How to speaking so other will want to listen.”

5. Use Julian’s HAIL Framework when speaking to others

  • Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity, Love

6.  Find a Positive response to “How are you today?”

  • I use “Tremendous!” because it gets most people to stop for a second and think, then they smile.

Want the rest of the list?

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