As a licensed teacher, substitute teacher, athletic coach, life mentor, martial arts instructor, self-defense trainer, and fitness instructor I have a wide range of experiences to draw from.  I specialize in helping adult, working moms with kids and complicated lives to become more focused, more confident, and happier.

Each presentation can be tailored to the size and needs of the group.

On this page you can see some examples of speeches I can give to your business team, your sports team, your church group, or your office staff.

Current Speech Topics:

“Confidence: The Key to getting what you want in life.”

This presentation was delivered to about 300 women for Someplace Safe of Alexandria’s Vintage Tea Fundraiser.  It was presented in 2015 and was part of the successful fundraising effort for their 2016 advocacy programs.


“Conquering Fear of Violence”

This presentation has been delivered to several of the following groups including Someplace Safe of Douglas County, Definitive Woman Magazine, Noonan Sports Specialists, and Alexandria Nurses Association.

Media Appearances

I have also appeared on several other media platforms including books, radio, newspaper, magazine, and online.  Most of these appearances have been for martial arts training or self-defense training.


I am a published author working with eight other authors from around the world to publish Many Paths, One Destination: Nine martial artists share their journeys 


I have been published in Definitive Woman Magazine with an article on personal safety.


I have appeared in several issues of The Echo Press in Alexandria for martial arts and personal safety.  Below is a clip of the presentation I conducted for a fundraiser.

Tea 2015 Out and About TextTea Elbow Break 2015


Several times I have appeared on the KXRA 1490 AM Talk Show “Open Line” to discuss self-defense and personal safety.


In July, 2015 an article about two of my Taekwondo students was presented on “The Voice of Alexandria”


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