Conquering Fear of Violence Course

Thank you for your interest in the Enriching Confidence, LLC “Conquering Fear of Violence Course” taught by Executive Director Josh Waltzing.  There is so much to learn before, during, and after this course that we want to give you some information before the event to help you on your way. Even if you don’t come to the course, this material will be valuable to you in so many ways.

There is information here from Empower Boxing Alexandria, Alexandria Martial Arts & Movement, and Enriching Confidence, LLC.  The most valuable information is the material from Marc MacYoung as it will be what keeps you out of harms way.  As Marc puts it, “Don’t be in front of the fan when the s**t hits it and you won’t get dirty.”  That is the point of this course, to keep you out of the way.

Information for our Annual FREE event with Someplace of Douglas County.

The next FREE Conquering Fear of Violence Course with Someplace Safe is schedule for October 9, 2019.

Conquering Fear of Violence Course materials.

Our quick reference guide to the Five Stages and the Pyramid are below and are yours to view, download, print, and consume..  Enjoy them but remember that I am not the sun and all things self-defense do not radiate from me.  There are a lot of super smart people who know a lot more about this topic than I do.  Marc MacYoung is the creator of the Five Stages and the Pyramid of Personal Safety, it is his stuff and I have been given his permission to teach them.  We both have the same goal; to keep people safe.


“The Five Stages of Violent Crime”

“Pyramid of Personal Safety”

Basic Strikes and Kicks from Empower Boxing Alexandria

Here are some of the basic techniques that members of Empower Boxing Alexandria use in their classes each and every day.  Use these to practice at home on your own heavy bag or decide to come take an Empower Boxing class.  Either way, you will get a lot better with your striking.

You will learn how to do many of these as well.  The difference is that you will be learning how to do a few of the hand strikes with open hand palm strikes instead of punches.  These are more effective and safer for beginners and even experienced martial artists to deliver because you have less chance of injuring your hand.

Empower 5 Minute Introduction from Empower Boxing Alexandria on Vimeo.

Using a Kubotan Self-Defense Key Chain

Several of the techniques you will see in this video are ones that we practice in class.  You will get a basic idea of what you will be doing with this awesome self-defense weapon.

Kubotan Grab Release Techniques from Empower Boxing Alexandria on Vimeo.

Josh’s Professional Credentials

Some of Josh’s professional martial arts and education credentials are found below.


  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Social Studies Education, St. Cloud State University
  • Minor in Athletic Coaching, St. Cloud State University
  • 10 year member of the Martial Arts Teachers Association

Martial Arts

  • Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt
  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • USA Taekwondo C2 Certified Sport Taekwondo Referee
  • USA Taekwondo Level 1 Certified Sport Taekwondo Coach
  • Head Instructor: Sauk Centre Takwondo Academy
  • Head Instructor: Schutz Taekwondo Acadmey
  • Head Instructor: Enriching Confidence Homeschool Martial Arts Program
  • Head Instructor: Empower Boxing Alexandria and Empower Boxing Sauk Centre
  • Honorary Fellow: Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts


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