Noonan Sport Specialists Self-Defense Course

Thank you for your interest in the “Noonan Sport Specialist Self-Defense Course” taught by Enriching Confidence, LLC Executive Director Josh Waltzing.

We hope that you will learn a lot as a result of taking this course.   Below you will find many resources and downloads for you to use to help improve your personal safety training.  There is information here from, Josh, Enriching Confidence, Empower Boxing Alexandria, and Schutz Martial Arts.

Below that are both of the documents that make up our quick reference guide to the Five Stages and the Pyramid.  Enjoy them but remember that I am not the sun and all things self-defense do not radiate from me.  There are a lot of super smart people who know a lot more about this topic than I do.  Marc MacYoung is the creator of the Five Stages and the Pyramid of Personal Safety, it is his stuff and I have been given his permission to teach them.  We both have the same goal; to keep people safe.

Near the bottom of the page is a REGISTRATION LINK that will take you to a separate registration page where you can sign up and pay for your self defense class.  The course is only $30 for 3 hour of training on many of the skills you find here plus LOTS more!

“The Five Stages of Violent Crime”

“Pyramid of Personal Safety”

Basic Strikes and Kicks from Empower Boxing Alexandria

Here are some of the basic techniques that members of Empower Boxing Alexandria use in their classes each and every day.  Use these to practice at home on your own heavy bag or decide to come take an Empower Boxing class.  Either way, you will get a lot better with your striking.

Empower 5 Minute Introduction   from   Empower Boxing Alexandria  on  Vimeo.

Using a Kubotan Self-Defense Key Chain

Several of the techniques you will see in this video are ones that you practice in class.  You will get a basic idea of what you will be doing with this awesome self-defense weapon.

Kubotan Grab Release Techniques   from   Empower Boxing Alexandria   on   Vimeo.

Are you ready to Register for the Course?

Link the button below to be taking to the Enriching Confidence Registration page.

More About Executive Director Josh Waltzing

To learn more about Josh please visit the Instructors Page of the Schutz Martial Arts Association website or the Empower Boxing Alexandria Instructors page.

Josh’s Professional Credentials

Some of Josh’s professional martial arts and education credentials are found below.


  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Social Studies Education, St. Cloud State University
  • Minor in Athletic Coaching, St. Cloud State University
  • Licensed Minnesota Social Studies teacher
  • 10 year member of the Martial Arts Teachers Association

Martial Arts

  • Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt
  • Hyun Moo Kwan Certified Master Instructor
  • USA Taekwondo Level D1 Certified Referee
  • USA Taekwondo Level 1 Certified Sport Taekwondo Coach
  • Head Instructor: Sauk Centre Takwondo Academy
  • Head Instructor: Schutz Taekwondo Acadmey
  • Head Instructor: Enriching Confidence Homeschool Martial Arts Program
  • Head Instructor: Empower Boxing Alexandria
  • Honorary Fellow: Institute for Advanced Integrated Martial Arts


For more information on self-defense and personal safety I recommend the following media items.

Book and Media Recommendations

There are so many great resources on self-defense and personal safety.  There are also a lot of really bad resources out there.  This is a list of several really good resources that I recommend on personal safety, self-defense, martial arts, grappling, and fitness.



Audio Books from Audible

I am an audio junkie!  I love podcasts and audio books!  I have had an Audible membership for years and enjoy the one audio book every month.  The best part is that I can access my entire audio library from my phone anywhere!

I have dozens of books on my account, now you can Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks to start your collection and turn your car, workout, or cleaning time into your very own private university.

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