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Little Tigers

Current Little Tigers Session material.

How to Tie your Belt

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Martial Arts

Your martial arts student trains in a system called a rotating curriculum. There are 6 quarters or terms in the system, each term is 3 months or rotations long. You may hear both sets of phrases used in videos and written documents, they mean the same thing but it is probably more appropriate to use Terms and Rotations as there are some times where a Quarter and Month may not align exactly with they belt system.

All students, regardless of rank, train with the same material in the same way and earn stripes based on their performance on the material in Stripe Tests at the end of each Rotation. Once students earn the three stripes necessary for graduation, they advance to the next belt level. Below you will find a detailed video for Term 2 – Rotation 1 (Quarter 2 – Month 1) Martial Arts material.

  • Palgwe Sa Chang (4) – 1:30
  • Escrima Form – 5:48
  • Basic Kicking – 9:00
  • Monster Combo – 20:30
  • Self-Defense Set – 25:35

Level 1 Martial Arts Material

Martial Arts Belts and Stripes

We want to help you grow and advance in your martial arts training. Download the following Belt Stripe Training page.

Each rank of a Martial Arts student’s journey has different requirements for advancement to the next belt.

White Belt

Students start as beginners and must complete the requirements on the White Belt Graduation sheet. Once they complete the requirements on the page, their parents sign and date the bottom of the sheet. Then, take a picture or screen shot of the page and email it to Your student will then receive their belt and a personalized message from their instructor.

Youth Motion Parkour

Level 1 Motion Parkour

Level 2 Motion Parkour

Level 3 Elite Motion Parkour