Schutz Summer Camp 2016 - Alexandria Taekwondo

The Schutz Martial Arts Association and Enriching Confidence are proud to announce two Summer Camps this July!  A Summer Camp in Alexandria and an all-day Summer Camp in Sauk Centre.  Information on each Camp is below.

Summer Camp – Sauk Centre

****SCTKD Summer Camp Cancelled!****2016 SCTKD Summer Camp

Tuesday, July 36 at 311 Main Street South, Sauk Centre, Minnesota

Training starts at 9:00 am and concludes at 4:00 pm.  You must provide your own lunch for the day.  We will have some water and snacks available throughout the day but you must also have your own water bottle.

This will be at the Sauk Centre Taekwondo Academy just North of the Main Street Theater.  It is an indoor air-conditioned facility with matted floors and a large front lobby area for parents and visitors.

We will have a lot of fun in this space training for the day.

Training Agenda

As the poster on the right indicates we will train a number of elements throughout the day.  Master Josh and Ms. Candy will be breaking the group into smaller groups throughout the day to help facility better learning and retention.

The following topics will be included in the training plan for the day.

  • Keys to Crazy Breaking Power
  • Some secret elements of Poomsae that often get missed when practicing in regular class or individually.
  • Some basic movements that can be used vary simply for throws and takedowns.
  • Balance and flexibily improvement through specific drills and exercises including muscular development.
  • Learn basic nunchaku skills with foam nunchaku.
  • Lots more!!

Camp Attire

It is best to have your martial arts uniform, belt, shin guards, and any other gear you possess for the camp.  You should also have shorts and a t-shirt with closed toe shoes, no sandals or Crocs allowed for camp events.  Athletic pants are allowed, track pants are allowed, spaghetti strap tops are not allowed.

Camp Fee

The entire camp is only $50.  Use the Blue registration link found below to sign up for the camp.

****SC TKD Summer Camp Cancelled!****

Summer Camp – Alexandria

July 29 – 30 at 4360 Maple Drive SE.2016 Schutz Summer Camp

This is the private residence of Grandmaster Kevin Schutz.  If you have never had a chance to see his great property and the wonderful yard space he has you have to come train at this camp.

You will have the opportunity to train in a outdoor setting while having all the same amenities of home.  Bathroom, air-conditioning inside for families and small children and lots more!

Come check out this great space and get ready for a wonderful training camp!

Entire families are welcome to come and spend time with all of us!

Friday from 5:30 – to 7:30 pm

Bonfire and picnic after training.  Potluck style so bring some food to share.  Grandmaster Kevin and Master Josh will have plates, utensils, napkins, and cups.  Master Josh will be providing brats and hotdogs for grilling or fire roasting. Grandmaster Kevin will have s’more stuff available.

Bring your own chairs, some campfire snacks to share, and your own beverages.

Kids curfew at 10:00 pm – you have to get ready for training in the morning.

Adult beverages allowed after the kids leave for bed.

Saturday from 10:00 – 12:00 and 1:00 – 3:00 pmAdult Woman Rounhouse high

Morning Training session is yet to be determined.  Watch this site or our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute details on the training.

Bring water and a snack for the day.

Saturday lunch is on your own. Make sure it is food that will keep outside for the morning as there may not be enough refrigerator space your all of our food.  Bring a cooler for your lunch.

Korean-style BarB-Q after training on Saturday.

No time-limit on when you have to leave.  Stick around and enjoy the property and have a great time just visiting after training.

Training Topics

  • Board Breaking with Explosive Power
  • Practical Application of Poomsae
  • Balance and Stability Training
  • Hip Strength and Flexibilty
  • Basic Leadership Skills

Appropriate Attire

Participants are allowed to wear the Taekwondo uniform or comfortable summer workout clothes.

Shorts and t-shirts are allowed, uniforms are allowed, athletic pants are allowed, shoes are allowed but not sandals or Crocs.


Grandmaster Kevin will have water during the training and some s’more stuff for the evening.

We will also have a Korean-style BB-Q on Saturday evening after the trainig camp.  Stick around for some great grilling.  If you have a grill you want to bring along, please do.  The more the merrier!


Register by Clicking the Green Button Below.  Cost is $50 for the entire training camp.