Congratulations on earning your Virtual White Belt with me! This is your first step in your martial arts journey! It is an important one as you must begin somewhere!

I ask you to take advantage of our FREE 30-Day Online Training Trial program. It gets you AND YOUR FAMILY 30-Day access to any and all of our classes and programs with Enriching Confidence. All you need to do is complete the registration page found here.

We have classes in Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, and Parkour! We can do them all live and in the safety of your home.

Then, as you work through your first 30-Days of Live Training with me through Zoom, you can work on your Physical White Belt Requirements. Found below. You must attend at least 8 Live Interactive Zoom classes and perform the material listed on the sheet below to earn your physical White Belt.

As an additional thank you I am giving you the link to a Vimeo video on Beginner Kicking 1 – 10. ( )

We did several of these kicks during our 7 week training time. They are fun, challenging, and are a great way to get started kicking.

Thank you so much for training with me over the last 7 weeks! It has been a blast teaching you about martial arts! I hope you continue training with me in one way or another!