Lifestyle Challenge

January is over, can you believe it?  What is your 2016 looking like so far?  Are you on track to make it one of the best years of your life?  Did you set some goals and objectives for the year?  How are they coming along?

If you are like the majority, January 1 sees a lot of excitement and gusto about the coming year.  We set “resolutions,” make goals and plan how our week is going to look so we can be most effective.  However, by February 14 we have fallen into comfortable familiar lifestyle patterns.  Those lifestyle patterns are what this e-mail is about.

We want you to accomplish your goals for the year.  We want you to live the life you desire this year.  We want you to have massive confidence in yourself this year.  In order to help you achieve your goals, we have invited some of the best resources and experts in our area to teach on a variety of wellness topics.  This is a Lifestyle Change Challenge!  We want to challenge you to change your lifestyle in a variety of areas so you can truly get the most out of life this year.
Challenges are what makes life great and this challenge is jam packed full of information and resources to help make your lifestyle change a little bit easier.   This will be a great challenge, it will be one that you enjoy and learn so much from!
Read on to find out what is all part of the Lifestyle Change Challenge!

What is the Challenge?

 Executive Director Josh Waltzing on the Lifestyle Change Challenge

Lifestyle Change Challenge Overview from Empower Boxing Alexandria on Vimeo.

It is a challenge to change your life!  We dare you!  There is a fitness component, but this challenge is about all areas of life.
We know that fitness is a big part of life but we are not out to create fitness models or ripped, carved-out-of-granite physiques.  Permanent health improvement requires many small changes.  We believe in strong, confident, functional fitness.  However, we also know that eating well, exercising your mind through great reading, and exploring and assessing wellness of mind and spirit are all components of well-rounded health.

Not only for Empower Boxing Students


 While true that this Lifestlye Change Challenge is being offered as part of Empower Boxing Alexandria’s continually expanding services, it is available to anyone in the community who wants to change their life this year.  If you are interested in this challenge and want more information, please read on and send us some questions.

What is involved?


Nutrition information and recipes
Josh, Dani, and Jackson

Image copyright Marissa Rolin Photography

Dani and Josh have been eating a clean, whole food diet for over three years and have seen remarkable health benefits including the elimination of eczema, healthier nails and hair, better sleep, increased energy, and much more.  We would like to share some of what we have learned as well as discuss nutrition information about all kinds of foods.

This information will be delivered to your inbox as collections of resources and recipes that have been enjoyed in Josh and Dani’s home as favorites.  Not only favorites of theirs but also their 7 year old son Jackson.  Especially if you have children, having ‘kid approved’ recipes is very important.
Personal Training with a certified personal trainer
Kayla Head Shot

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Kayla Flynn is a NASM certified personal trainer and will be providing five 60-minute personal training sessions for each member of the challenge.  Kayla’s personal training at Empower Boxing Alexandria are focused on strength, conditioning, and overall fitness. Kayla uses medicine balls, kettlebells, Bosu balls, battle ropes, and a variety of body-weight exercises to increase your overall strength and physical fitness.

She will work with you directly to schedule times for your sessions and create personalized training plans for you to see your best results.

These Personal Training 5-session packages are a $165 value

Seminars and Workshops


5 seminars with local experts in the fields of medical nutrition, movement, flexibility, mind-body connection, and personal safety.
Each of the experts will be hosting a seminar or workshop that will range from 60 to 120 minutes in length.  You will be able to attend all the seminars for free as part of the challenge.  The community is also invited to attend and will be asked to pay a small minimal fee.
Seminars will be either at Empower Boxing Alexandria or at an off-site location, depending on scheduling.

Currently Confirmed Presenters


Dr. Kristi Hughes, ND of the Dynamic Healing Center in Alexandria.


Dr Hughes Head Shot

Image from

  • Dr. Hughes is a patient advocate, health care educator, and a naturopathic physician with almost two decades of experience in integrative patient care. As an International expert in Lifestyle, Integrative, and Functional Medicine, Dr Kristi Hughes also serves as an Associate Director of Medical Education for the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Director of Medical Education for Functional Medicine South Africa, is a co-creator of the FirstLIne Therapy Certification program. Her passion and commitment is to bringing effective and innovative clinical solutions to medical practices and patient care around the world.
  • Dr. Hughes will be speaking on the Institute for Functional Medicine’s New Food Guide and how we can use it for a healthier lifestyle.
  • To learn more about Dr. Hughes go to
  • To learn more about the Institute for Functional Medicine go to

Dr. Hughes will be presenting on Thursday, February 18 at 6:30 pm at Harvest Alexandria at 1910 Aga Drive Suite #280.


She will provide all materials for the Food Plan in handout form for as part of the presentation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear an international speaker on health, lifestyle, medicine, and wellness.

Seminars with Dr. Hughes are often hundreds of dollars to attend.

Heather Zollman of Yoga Moma’Z Wellness Centre in Sauk Centre.

Heather Z Head Shot 2

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  • Heather has been practicing yoga since 2001. She has been teaching yoga and pilates since 2003.  She was certified as a personal trainer in 2013.  She is a 200 hour certfified yoga instructor trained by Mary Beth Nehl at The Yoga Loft in Willmar. Heather, her husband Bryan, and their 3 children opened Yoga Mama’Z Wellness Centre in 2014 in Sauk Centre.  The gift of yoga helps her find balance in this beautiful life.
  • She will be teaching about flexibility and mobility for living everyday with more freedom of movement and ease.
  • To read more about Heather go to her website.

Heather will be conducting a Yoga for for health and wellness seminar at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, February 24 at Empower Boxing Alexandria.

Bring your own Yoga mat, water bottle, towel, and a bright open mind for a great seminar on flexibility and mobility through Yoga.

Heather’s won the 2015 Small Business Educator of the Year from the Sauk Centre Chamber of Commerce so you know she is good at what she does. 

C.J. Erickson of Noonan Sport Specialists

  • C.J. Erickson is a trainer at Noonan Sports Specialists in Alexandria, Minnesota.  C.J.’s passion for
    CJ Erickson Head Shot

    Image from

    health and fitness drives him to learn and practice the most effective ways for NSS clients to achieve their desired goals as safely as possible.

  • As a professional C.J. has the following certifications
    • Certified Health and Fitness Specialists (ACSM)
    • Level 2 Certified Kettlebell Instructor (SFG)
    • Functional Movement Screen Certified Exercise Professional (FMS)
    • Primal Move Fundamentals 1 (Primal Move)
  • Recently, C.J. was invited by the Minnesota chapter of the National Strength and Conditioning Association to present on “Effective Kettlebell Training for All Settings.”  See their Facebook page for more information.
  • More information about C.J. can be found at Noonans Sport Specialists
  • Their Facebook page is

C.J. will be speaking on Functional Movement for a life of less pain and more enjoyment on Thursday, March 3 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

Semi-private training from Noonan Sport Specialists is $32 for an hour training.

Kevin Schutz of Schutz Martial Arts Association in Alexandria.

  • Kevin has been training in martial arts for 30 years and is currently one of less than 500 people in North America certified as a 7th Degree Grandmaster Instructor through “Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters”, He is a “Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters” Certified Level 1 Test Examiner, and has taught martial arts and personal safety in the Alexandria area for more than 17 years.  He is the founder and president of Schutz Martial Arts Association, Hyun Moo Kwan, and Allied Self-Defense Systems.  His knowledge of martial arts extends to Hapkido, Kumdo, and was a member of the United States Army All-Army Taekwondo Team.
  • Kevin will be teaching on personal safety and protection against small weapons like knives and blunt force objects.
  • To read more about Kevin go to his website:

Kevin will be presenting a seminar on personal safety against small personal weapons such as knifes and blunt force objects on Monday, March 7 at 7:00 pm inside Empower Boxing Alexandria.

Kevin’s Personal Safety and Self-Defense Seminars can cost between $40 and $50 per person per event.

 Dr. Mike Pfeffer of Healthsource Chiropractic in AlexandriaDr Mike Headshot

Dr. Pfeffer will be presenting on Thursday, March 17 at Empower Boxing Alexandria on The Brain Gym system for using intentional movement for optimum learning in adults and children.

Watch for more specific details on Dr. Pfeffer’s seminar on Thursday, March 17.


Changing your lifestyle means changing your behaviors


In order to really change your life, you must change your thoughts and behaviors.  In the words of Dr. Henry Cloud, we-change-our-behavior-when-the-pain-of-henry-cloud “We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.”

We want to make the pain of changing easier by giving you tools and resources to make the changes as simply as possible and to give you some personal accountability to succeed.

Life Coaching in the areas of goal setting, personal accountability, and success.
Josh Waltzing, Executive Director of Enriching Confidence will be guiding you through a goal setting process where you can look at your past year of successes and failures, process the lessons learned, and set goals for the next year that include benchmarks and strategies to get the most out of your year.
This will be roughly based on material from Michael Hyatt’s “Five Days to Your Best Year Ever” program, Dan Miller of 48 Days to the Work You Love goal setting process, Darren Hardy of Success magazine, and John Lee Dumas of “Entrepreneur on Fire.”  It will include in a workbook PDF.
This series of Three short videos will walk you through a process to get control and get on track.
Life Coaching and PDF download $99 value
Reading material to change your thoughts about yourself and the world around you.
In order to help you change your life, we must change our view of the world.  The best way to do this is through great books.  Josh is a voracious reader and has read dozens of books on personal development and business.  You will have a list of his highest recommendations and also be given two great books as part of the challenge:
Think and Grow Rich book image
Retail price $5.75
This is the classic self-help and improvement book.  It was written in 1937 based on principles learned from Andrew Carnegie and over 500 other successful business leaders.  Success is defined often as progress toward a worthwhile goal, be that in business making money or creating a healthy family.  Success is what you move toward with definiteness of purpose.  The study of this book will help you move toward success.
Who moved my cheese book image
 Retail Price $11.27
Dr. Johnson’s fun fable about four characters looking for cheese in a maze is a metaphor for what we are looking for in life, from love to money, from weight-loss to a better job.  The lessons learned in this book can help you become a more positive and self-motivated person.
Unlimited Empower Boxing classes in Alexandria or Sauk Centre.
If you do not already have an unlimited membership with us, you will be upgraded for this 5-week challenge (February 15th-March 19th).  We would love to see you a few times a week!

Unlimited Gold Package at Empower Boxing Alexandria is $65 per month.


We are really excited about this challenge and will have more information this week as we finalize details on presenters and topics.  Please watch the Empower Boxing Facebook page, Twitter Feed, Pinterest boards, and both the Empower Boxing and Enriching Confidence websites for information.

What is your health worth to you?

 It is not often that world-class speakers, instructors, and trainers are put together into one series.  It is even less that they are grouped together with physical fitness training and goal setting knowledge to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish.  How much is that worth to you?

How much do you want to change your life?

This could be a life altering 5 weeks for you, what would you be willing to pay to change your life forever?

Total Value of Challenge Package:  $1,000+

 You know you are worth much more than $1,000!
Your family knows you are worth more than $1000!
This challenge is not going to cost you that much…not even close.  It will cost you some though as we want you to be committed to changing your life and getting everything you want out of it.

Would you be willing to pay $500?

Don’t worry.  You won’t have to pay that much either!

Are you Ready to Challenge yourself to Change your life.


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This is the best way to change your life!  You will get all the seminars, resources, training, coaching, and nutrition information sent to your inbox for you to print out and use as you need.  Read, watch, learn and grow.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Only want to see the presenters?


We understand that you may not be able to participate fully in the challenge but want offer you the ability to come see these world-class presenters.  Each presenter will give you valuable resources and information to help you change your life.  Even if you are not part of the Challenge you can still take part in the seminars.


Please keep in mind that you will NOT get any of the other benefits that the entire challenge will bring you.  This is just the seminars and their related information.


Pick your seminar below.

A quick reminder, again, that you do not get any of the other additional benefits of the full challenge with only the seminar.

Dr. Kristi Hughes and Functional Medicine’s Food Plan

Heather Zollman and Yoga for Health and Wellness

CJ Erickson on Functional Movement

Kevin Schutz on Personal Protection for Peace of Mind