Personal Safety for your Teen!

The Osakis Fancy Farmers 4-H Club presents…

This special self-defense course is designed for your pre-teen and teen to give them the tools to stay safe in today’s increasingly dangerous world.

Attend with your teen and pre-teen to learn how to stay safe in your own daily activities. In addition, attending together will give you a shared language to discuss self-defense and personal safety.

Learn about Marc MacYoung’s…

“Five Stages of Violent Crime” and the “Pyramid of Personal Safety” as well as how to be “A-OK.”  The Stages and Pyramid are two of the most power tools you will have to keep you safe.  It can be used to stop bullying, cyber-bullying, interpersonal violence, home crime, vehicle crime, as well as assault and personal crime. It is simple to understand and to use.

We will use the Criminal Triangle to help us defeat crime before it starts.

Register today and keep you and your teen safe!




Bonus 1:

All course attendees will receive a kubotan self-defense keychain and some overview content on how to make use of this incredibly versatile self-defense tool.


Bonus 2:

This course will also benefit the Osakis Public School Educational Technology Fund by donating a portion of the proceeds to the school.  Learn self-defense and support the school at the same time.


Bonus 3:

Receive a “Special VIP Pass” to one of the Enriching Confidence, L.L.C. family of programs.